How I Became a Minimalist

In an earlier blog, I mentioned briefly how I became a minimalist during my month of unemployment. Of course during that time, I had a lot of free time to explore new concepts and ideas that I thought would be very influential to my life. During this time, I had made a clear decision that I wanted to start a blog so I started researching other blogs and finding ones that spoke to me. Not too long afterward, I came across a blog written by two guys (Joshua Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus) who quit their jobs as corporate executives and adopted the lifestyle of minimalism. This essentially included removing everything from their lives that was not a necessity. (To learn more about them, check out their website:

Now I am not one to do something simply because it looks cool or it is the latest trend, however this practice spoke to me. I looked around my small yet cluttered room and began to count the amount of things just within eye sight that I did not need but simply wanted. Most of these things were either decorative items or things that I had bought at one point in time simply in the event that I might need them.

So I slowly but surely began to box up all the things that I did not use, wear or, essentially, need. By the end of the week, my room looked like I was moving out. I began to feel a bunch of things. Aside from feeling exhausted, I weirdly felt liberated. There is just something about looking around and seeing only the things that you need.  It became easier to get things done in my room and I even discovered that I had space in my room that I never knew I had. I began to acknowledge how much minimalism was just one giant metaphor. See, you’re space or your home is symbolic of your mind. Once you clear out all the unnecessary clutter, it becomes easier to focus on the things you need and you essentially become better at doing the things that need to be done. It was like this huge breakthrough for me!

Becoming a minimalist also began to affect me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. Like, for one, I became a better shopper. I started buying only the things that I needed, mostly out of fear that I would only create more clutter in my room which would pretty much defeat the purpose.

Now let me just say that being a minimalist in no means means that everything will look clean and pristine (at least not for me anyway). In fact, there have been plenty of days when my room has looked a hot mess (for lack of a better expression) simply because I don’t put things back where they need to be. But I will say that the clean up is a lot faster and effective now that I know where everything is.

There are still things that I am learning and trying to adjust to as a minimalist. For one, I still am in debate about what lotions to toss (Bath & Body Works gets me every time) and what hair products to keep and what clothes, shoes and accessories to keep, which wounds like a lot but it is a process for some (I’m assuming most girls lol)

So, when it is all said and done, I wrote this blog entry to not only tell you about my recent lifestyle adjustment but also to inspire you in this new year to find something that adds more structure to your life. Making changes to your life can be a  great thing particularly if you are wanting to take the necessary steps to becoming a better you. For me, it was minimalism. What will your change be?

(If you are interested in learning more about “The Minimalists”, these guys will tell you all you need to know and more. They are not the only minimalist bloggers out there just the ones I found the most interesting.  Oh and before you get alarmed by the length, it is TOTALLY worth the watch).

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A December to Remember

The month of December was perhaps one of the busiest months I have ever had, hence this delayed blog entry. I was working two jobs while trying to make time for those I love and to say it was difficult would be an understatement. In December, I got a taste of what it was like to be on my feet for 13-15 hours a day only to come home and use the remaining time I had to prep to do it all again the next day. Sounds fun, right? :P

Working all day is something I have never done before. Some days were really hard; so hard that I debated quitting my second job about one week in (even though it was seasonal) simply because I was exhausted! I’d drive 30 minutes to my first job job (which is about 8 hours), leave, drive 30 minutes to my second job (which ranged between 5-7 hours), leave, and then proceed to drive 30 minutes back home while fighting to beat exhaustion. Thankfully, those days did not happen every day but when they did, I felt like I barely had any time to recover. I remember on day in particular that started at 6:30am and did not end until close to 12:30am the next day! I remember that day because I didn’t know that your feet could suddenly forget you needed them to walk!

Though I tried not to allow myself to complain about it, there were days I was just so tired that I could just not picture standing on my feet for 6 or 7 more hours. I fought with myself for a while debating what was the right thing to do. Working all day was giving me very little time for myself and was taking a toll on me physically. Not to mention that I worried about driving that far while trying to stay awake. I ended up reasoning with myself that I would complete my seasonal job since the work experience would be worth it despite the fact that the pay was not great. I rarely turn down an opportunities to learn so I decided I had to stick it out. I just had to manage my time better. Sn the days I had to work both jobs, I would get to my second job 45 minutes early and sleep in the parking lot until my shift started so I would not be as tired afterwards. Those naps saved my life!

I braved my chaotic schedule for six weeks until shortly before Christmas. By that point, my gift to myself was a job well done. I left my job with not only a new level of experience but also a new respect for people particularly the people who don’t have the option to leave a job because they need the money whether it be for their families, education or simply survival.

So what are my plans for the new year? Well first, let me start by saying, I am not the greatest at setting goals particularly not long term. I never want to be so focused on the future that I forsake how important the time I have now is. Buuuuttttttt I will say that I am determined to continue pursuing my writing this year moreso than ever. I do not want to neglect my gift for in it is my calling and I know that God would not give me an ability that he had no intention for me to use.

So in summary, I ended 2013 with a whole new outlook on life. This time last year, I was nowhere near where I am mentally. I was afraid to do certain things and I definitely did not see myself taking any major steps in life. I am excited for this year and all it has to offer. If I experience even half the growth that I experienced last year, there is no telling what I can achieve! I lived isolated from society for 2 months, made friends from all over the world, met my wonderful boyfriend, went to Boston for the first time, quit a job and gained an even better one, started a blog and made the decision to not let fear run my life! All in all, I had an AMAZING year!

So to everyone reading, have a wonderful 2014 and embrace all that is life this year! Take chances and never hesitate to learn new things! I know I won’t :)

What Can We Do?

Instead of sharing a long post like I usually do, I wanted to do something different with this entry and showcase a different side of myself as well as get more feedback from those who read this blog. Aside from just writing nonfictional and fictional pieces, I also write poetry. Poetry is a quick way to get my emotions out without having to care so much about whether or not the sentence is structured or grammatically correct. Poetry is free of structure or technicality. I don’t write poetry as much as I write freehand pieces but when I do write it, it takes on a more serious nature. So I decided to share a poem with you that I wrote back in college that I believe many will agree with. I would love to hear any feedback anyone may have about their feelings on the subject: is there something we can do individually to help this generation of youth?

(Written June 28, 2011)

Embrace Your Struggle

Naturally, as humans, we do not want to feel pain. And we certainly do not want to go through anything that will drain us on either a mental or physical level. So when we struggle with anything, naturally we begin to feel defeated.

However, if there is one message that I am beginning to learn, it is this: embrace your struggle. The harder things are for you, the bigger the triumph. Struggles, as odd as it may sound, are a blessing. If you are unsure what may count as a struggle in your life, struggles are nothing more than moments that cause you to feel an abundance of negative emotions such as sadness, anger, hopelessness, depression, etc. But these things are nothing more than tests. Everyone needs to go through them to fight the fire and end up victorious.

Our hardships always tend to seem like the worst when we are going through them. I think it’s in our nature as humans to stop looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and instead focus on the darkness that surrounds us. In my last post, I spoke about how negativity could be blocking you from being able to seize your opportunities but I did not explain how. Negativity is a blindfold. What that means is that you cannot see anything beyond it. As you may know, it is the complete opposite when you mind is in a positive space. When you see everything in a positive light, you view the world through binoculars. You block out the things that are to your left and right and instead focus on what is in front of you. In other words, you see far into the distance and beyond because there is no limit.

And that is the secret to concurring your battles. You must hold onto your binoculars in the midst of it all and acknowledge that the blindfold is doing nothing but blocking you from seeing ahead. It is keeping you where you are and making you lose sight of your destination. It is making you give up before you even try.

We need to fight all the negative emotions by forcing ourselves to hold onto the positive ones even when we feel like giving up. We often tend to put more commitment into beating a difficult level of a game then we do into beating a difficult level of our lives. And I say that with conviction because I’ve acknowledged that about myself recently. I know this may sound silly but hear me out here. If I cannot beat a level of Candy Crush, I will keep trying for weeks if I have to, trying to beat that one level! I will send out help requests to all my friends just to get through it until I finally beat it. But in life, I tend to do the complete opposite. The perseverance is not there and instead of looking for help from the people around me, I keep it to myself. How backwards is that?

And to all those who may say, “Oh, that’s just a game. That’s different.,” I say to you; you are right and you are wrong. Yes, it is a game. However, it is not different. The perseverance, determination, commitment and dedication that we put into such games is real. Those emotions we invest into those games, they are real. But yet we waste them on entertainment and don’t use them nearly enough in our day to day lives.

I’ll end this entry by saying this: no matter your test, it is not the end. Life is not over. As long as we have a pulse, we have another chance to look our trials in the eye and say “You will not win.” We have to fight because our lives are not just for us. Like Jesus, we must fight for the people we have yet to know. Why? Because something about our lives will help them, even if we do not see it now.

It was not until I started this blog that I began to learn that the things I went through that brought me here have been the very things that have given so many people around me inspiration and hope. So I am asking everyone who is reading this blog to join hands with me and anyone else who is struggling with something and walk towards the light at the end of the tunnel and anytime you see someone looking at the walls, encourage them. You never know; you could be the very thing they need to help them make it to the end…

Help Opportunity Knock

A year ago, I had a job I loved working as a one-on-one in a pre-school disabled classroom. Here, I not only worked with a group of people who made coming to work worthwhile but the 4-year-old girl I was assigned to made every day more amusing than the last. The children in Room 31 helped teach me the importance of not only patience but time. I remember acknowledging how much of a blessing this job was.

For six months, I looked forward to working and watching the children in the classroom develop. However, when it came time to apply to return the next year, I was told that I could not return because the school board had passed a rule that relatives could no longer work in the same building. My father worked in maintenance there and because he had been there longer than I had, he was granted seniority.

I was devastated. All the advice I received from my colleagues and friends told me to fight the decision. There was a little girl who needed me and now was not the time to have another person taken out of her life.

But I ignored the advice. My faith told me that there was a reason for it all, even if I could not see it. Perhaps her new aide could offer her something that I couldn’t or, better yet, maybe there was something better out there for me.

The week I was told I could not return, I got a call from a job I had applied for earlier that year asking me if I was still interested. I took that as confirmation that God knew what he was doing.

A year later, I was unhappy with where my life was. I thought that at 22, I should have more to show for myself. Instead, here I was with no car, no money to buy the things I wanted and I was not progressing in any aspect of my life. The job that had rescued me from unemployment was now one that had become more of a ritual than a growth experience and I began to feel stuck.

I started feeling like less and less of an adult and more and more like the girl I was before I went off to college. I mean, aside from having a job, many aspects of my life were still the same as they were in high school; I was still living at home with my mom, I still had no car and no money to buy the things I wanted. I still looked for my parents approval before I made decisions and, despite the fact that I now had a degree, I still had no idea what I wanted to do in life.

So I searched for an escape. I was looking for any and every way out of my situation. I thought of ways to just up and leave where I was, no matter if I had the finances or not. I started looking into the cost of cheap plane or bus tickets to anywhere. I didn’t care about the destination. I just wanted to take a chance; I wanted to find myself and I could not for the life of me see it happening where I was.

No opportunities were opening up for me so I concocted this notion that the only way I was going to find it was to go searching for it. As much as I wanted to wait for opportunity to come knocking, I started to feel like maybe it didn’t have my address.

One day (after not having the courage to pack up and leave), I forced myself to sit down and assess what exactly I was feeling. After my emotions had settled, I started to think about what exactly I was doing. The answer I came up with made me immediately hit the brakes: I was running. I did not have the strength to face all my issues head on so the only other option I could think of was to run from them. If I did not have to look at my problems, I would not stress about solving them.

As much as I have faith that things will eventually work out, I kept getting the feeling that running was not the way to go. What would I be learning if I ran from my problems instead of finding ways to solve them? How would that be helping me progress?

Slowly but surely, my perspective started to change. I began talking to God more than ever praying he’d show me what He wanted me to do. I started reading every book and/or article that I could find that would encourage me to have strength; whether it was the Bible, an article online or some self-help book I checked out at the library (I will go in detail about what exactly I read later in a future entry).

After all my reading, praying and fasting, I began to see where I had gone wrong. I had seen the fact that I could not find any opportunities as meaning that I was not meant to be where I am. However, I have now come to see that that simply meant was not ready for them. I needed to feel the things that I felt in order to get in touch with myself and discover where I wanted to be. If I had gotten what I wanted when I wanted it, I would not have appreciated it.

I began to see how much my mindset was affecting my views. I soon realized that there are opportunities to do something great no matter where you are. They may not come in the form that you expect them to but they are there. Since I have acknowledged that, I have been presented with more opportunities than ever before! I can remember a time when I could not find one job, yet in the past month alone, I have been presented with four! I do not find that to be any sort of coincidence.

I found that if things are not going your way, there is a possibility that your view on your situation could be to blame. Negativity could be blocking you from not only seeing your opportunity but allowing your opportunity to find you. After all, opportunity finds you a lot faster when you help give it directions.

Why I Quit My Job

About a month and a half ago, I quit my job. Was it a terrible job? Absolutely not. In fact, it was quite the opposite: the people there were nothing short of kind and courteous to me, my bosses worked around my schedule and were willing to give me any days off that I needed and I could even bring my laptop to pass the time and keep me occupied. It was a great job. Though this job had everything in terms of ease and operation, it was inhibiting me from doing the one thing I needed to do more than anything: progress.

I’m sure my quitting seemed ungrateful and pretty much illogical to some (especially because I had no other job lined up) but I could not shake this feeling that this was not what I needed. There was something more out there for me and, though I did not have the answer to what it was exactly, I knew it was there. It was then that I realized I needed time a lot more than I needed money; time to figure out where I needed to be in life and what I needed to do to get there. This feeling would not let me sleep and I cannot count to you the amount of times I prayed to God asking for him to guide me in the right direction. Little did I know, God was giving me the right direction the entire time. I was simply fighting it.

Let me continue by saying I am incredibly grateful for the job I had. In the year that I was there, I acquired skills that I otherwise may not have known. It’s just that at a certain point, I started to get the feeling there was nothing else for me to gain there and my time there was up. I actually ignored this feeling for almost two months before I finally made the decision to act on it. I kept going over in my mind the people out there who needed jobs to support themselves and couldn’t find one yet here I was ready to give one up. I convinced myself I was being ungrateful and, essentially, slapping God in the face for turning down what can easily be considered a blessing.

But with that thought came a question whose answer became the catalyst for my decision: why was I holding on to this job?

My first thought, of course, was money. I started to think about the bills I had. Was it so that I could make my loan payments? Partially. I couldn’t afford to pay more than the minimum payment so 1) interest continued to accumulate (making my payments seem in vain) and 2) my credit score was not seeing any significant increase. So what other reasons was I holding on to this job? Was it so that I could save up for a car? Well, I didn’t really make enough to save up for one and even if I could, I would make enough to pay for responsibilities that came with a car (i.e. gas, insurance, etc.) So why? Especially when there was nothing else for me to gain there? I began to realize that money was not important to me, at least not now. There was only one thing really important to me; something that unnecessarily working had caused me to neglect: myself.

Then one day, the answer hit me: I was holding on to the job because I was comfortable there.

If there is one thing I will keep reiterating in this blog, it will be my desire to continuously push myself outside of my comfort zone. I am set on doing this because I am sure that the things that will help shape me as a adult will come out of me being uncomfortable. I know this because thus far, being comfortable with where I am and how I am living has only been stifling my ability to progress. Perhaps when I am older and ready to rest from my accomplishments in life, being comfortable will take on a new meaning. But as for now, saying I am “comfortable” means nothing more in my mind than “I am stationary” or, in other words, “I am not moving.”

By the end of my life, I want to say I jumped out of a plane, have gone white water rafting and sang on a stage in front of people and a ton of other things. Why? Because just the thought of those things terrify me. However, I know on the other side of those experiences is a piece to a puzzle that will essentially put together the me I want to be. I understand that people may not get my decisions or will call me unpractical but honestly, the more the merrier. The more people who think I’m insane, the more people I can inspire.

As of today, I am no longer unemployed. I have secured a position as bookseller at one of my favorite book stores and also have an interview tomorrow for a full-time position working with children (wish me luck!). In my one month of unemployment, I was presented with four different well paying job opportunities! I say that with amazement because two of these jobs were ones I had applied for months earlier and had expected not to hear back from and the final two came as a result of something I had applied for just a couple weeks before.

So what did I do for the month I was unemployed that was so revolutionary? I got to know myself. I assessed myself and began to change the things I needed to change in my life. Most of that required just figuring myself out. So one of the main things I did (with much inspiration from the topic of my last entry) was write. Every thought I had, every idea I had, every goal I wanted to complete and every thing I wanted to accomplish, I wrote down. Soon, I figured out what was hindering me and set in motion a plan of action. The first plan involved me starting this blog, which I am already finding has inspired people. I also made the time to see and/or talk to people who I knew would encourage me and understand where I was coming from. I refused to embrace negativity or entertain any idea that did not reflect my journey. I got more in tune with myself spiritually and get my mind back to where it use to be in regards to finding my purpose in life. I also began to realize (from being at home more) how extremely physically cluttered my life was. I have been holding on to things that are of no value to me. I started researching how to change this that and came across what is called minimalism. I am a firm believer that this helped dramatically impact my life! [I will talk more about this in my next entry “How I Became a Minimalist” so keep following!]

I am not telling anyone to quit there job and I am not saying that you can have everything figured out in a month. Everyone’s experiences are different. But what I am saying is to listen to yourself and part of that requires you making the time to figure yourself out. Work is certainly important but even more important is the person doing the work: you. So don’t neglect yourself. My theory is that if you take time to find yourself first, then the right job will find you. That doesn’t mean you won’t work a few jobs you do not want in the process but you have to dedicate as much time to yourself as you do your job and I was not doing that. You don’t necessarily have to give yourself a huge amount of time but every little bit helps!

I believe that once you take the steps necessary to finding yourself, you can and will reach your full potential. I believe there is no need to revolve your life around a job unless you absolutely have to. I am aware the society we live in practically revolves around money and that there are responsibilities that need to be handled, especially if you have a family. Am I saying that what I believe is 100% accurate? No. Someone could be reading right now and think this is the most irrational opinion ever but the beautiful thing about an opinion is that you are entitled to it. You own it. But one that that is true is that unemployment, no matter what people may have you think, is not permanent! I have yet to meet a person who has lived their whole life and couldn’t find a job. Because they are out there! What isn’t out there is your time. That is, and will always be, something you will have to find for yourself. You will never be unemployed if you make life your full-time job.

The Call That Started It All

I’m not sure about a lot of things in my life. In fact, there are many things that I question. Like for starters: Am I doing the right thing?

I listen to the wisdom-inspired voices my elders lecture me about time and how precious it is to wait for things. But then I listen to the adventurous voices of my peers, that tell me that life is short and to live everyday as if it is your last (or, as my generation pegs it, YOLO). So I guess another question is: which voice do I listen to? Or even better yet: which voice is right?

I started to think that perhaps there is no such thing as right and wrong but rather what is you and not you.

For a while, drawing that conclusion made me feel like I had figured things out. But in reality, I had simply created an entirely different realm of questions for myself, including the deeper, most important question: who am I?

As a young adult, I am entering a world in which I am unfamiliar with; one in which I have been told about but never really experienced. In this world, I have been faced with situations and ultimately made decisions I would have never thought for I’d make. None bad, just…different; different from what I had been taught was the best thing to do.

This leads me to my story.

As many of you may or may not know, I have a boyfriend for the first time in 22 years. Why? Because I made a decision to do something that was entirely and completely outside of my comfort zone…

Before I continue, I guess I should give a backs story. I met a guy who was unlike anyone I’d ever met before. He was kind and even went out of his way to be social and get to know not only me but, everyone he met. He had the ability to make a person feel special not by simply talking to them but genuinely caring about what they said.

I was one of those people he enjoyed talking to. In our conversations, I discovered that a lot of his thoughts mirrored mine. Though different in the aspects of how we were raised or what we enjoyed doing or listening to, we managed to find commonality in the areas that actually mattered. His views on life and how he believed it should be lived patterned mine down to the letter. And despite different religious practices, he saw God in a way that could put faith into any unbeliever. His mind drew me closer to him.

My encounter with him was on route to being temporary and, at one point, I had accepted that. See, we both were employed as counselors at a summer camp which was to last no more than two month. In his presence, I had originally written him off as a guy I’d compare other guy to because I had this mind set that I did not want a relationship until I was more independent. It wasn’t until he had to leave camp early that I started to realize how much temporary was not what I wanted.

With his absence came a void. I did not know of anyone I could connect with that way again and that thought alone made me restless (literally!). I convinced myself that missing him meant nothing and was simply my mind reflecting on things that would make me feel better (which I now realize made no sense whatsoever lol). Though I had his number, the thought of calling him or texting him just seemed desperate.

But after two days of my thoughts eating me alive (and the fear of never hearing from him again approaching), I decided not only to call him but to also tell him that I really missed him. I remember pacing around Wal-Mart beforehand talking with my cousin Je’Meda on the phone while simultaneously including my friend Becca (who was with me) into the conversation. I was not nearly as dedicated to shopping as I was getting my thoughts out to two people I was use to talking to. The conversation consisted of everything from “I’m not calling him, that’s desperate” to “…but I really want to talk to him!” [Side note: I’m not bipolar, just a female lol]. After an hour of talking in circles, I forced myself to do it: I called a guy I liked.

The call went better than I pictured it in my head. In my mind, he would think I was a total weirdo for calling and tell stories about me to his friends back home. I was nervous about the call initially but hearing his voice helped me realize something I had forgotten in the midst of my cranial chaos: this guy was not just a guy I liked, he was my friend! It was, in all honesty, one of the easiest conversations I could have ever had. There were no fumbled words or awkward silences. He had made me laugh through most of it and made me realize just how much I had, in fact, missed talking to him.

From then on, we began talking any chance we could. Most of my nights off consisted of talking to him for hours outside of the camp’s gymnastics building. Naturally, when camp ended, we made plans to see each other. He lives 3 hours away from me and, for the life of me, I did not think he would be willing to come that far just to see me. Little did I know, I was wrong. If I totaled up all the hours he’s spent driving to come see me, I’m pretty sure he’d qualify for some sort of boyfriend of the year award (I’ll look it up babe lol).

Fast forwarding to now, Shamus and I have been together for a little over two months. He later told me that that phone call I made gave him the confidence he needed to continue to reach out to me and ultimately led us to where we are now. I rewind back to that day and try to imagine what would have happened had I let fear get the best of me. The experience made me realize how much fear had held me back. So in these two months, I have done more than I’ve known I was capable of because he has motivated me to follow my dreams and continue to do what makes me happy.

I guess the point I am trying to make in this entry is to not be afraid to do something. I learned there is no harm in stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something that terrifies you. Even if the outcome is not one you want, at least you can say you did it. Fear is merely an illusion that holds us back and hinders us from becoming the people God intended for us to be.

And to think this all started with a phone call…


Step One: Start a Blog

I guess this marks the beginning: a check mark next to something that has been on my to do list for well over a year.

So as a reader, there are quite a few things you should know about me. First and foremost, my name is Mercedes Evans and I am a writer. I have always been. I can remember the first time I knew I wanted to be a writer. It was first grade and we were given the assignment to write a story. I don’t remember the story I wrote so much as the passion that fueled it. My story was inspired by the fall. There is something in the colors and beauty of the season that I have always loved and I wanted to show that in my story. But words were not enough. So I cut my story up and pasted it onto these cut outs of pumpkins and decorated it. I wanted whoever read it to look at it and instantly feel fall before they read it. I remember the joy I felt when my teacher found it great enough to post of the fall bulletin board for the month.

I have been writing ever since.

So I guess the question becomes: if I have been writing for so long and I am so passionate about it, why am I just now starting a blog? Well for starters, I have a fear of criticism. Though it is not nearly as intense as it was in, say, high school, it is still there. For many years, this fear has caused me to keep mostly to myself. I never wanted to face rejection or unacceptance because of the way I wrote or thought, so my best defense was to avoid it. I was a more impressionable person back then and would easily let people convince me that the way I was thinking was wrong or misguided if it didn’t line up with the majority. Because of this, I began to think being different was wrong and that I needed to assimilate in order to lead a happier, less stressful life.

However, I have come to realize that there is a reason I am the way that I am. My words, thoughts and ideas have a purpose and I now know that if I continue to hide them, I will never know what that purpose is. So for the first time, I am opening up my truest and deepest thoughts to the world and subsequently embracing all that that entails. I am denouncing the very fear that has governed over most of my life and taking the necessary steps to finding my purpose.

There are words in my head that need to be heard. Not because I seek any sort of recognition for them but because I know there are people out there who can relate to them; whether you are one of my closest friends, a family member, someone I went to school with, someone I encountered or a total stranger. I can relate to you. I know I am not the only person who has been dominated by fear but I do know I am among the few who has made the decision to face it head on and move forward from it.

So that brings me back to this blog.

“Inspirwriting” (pronounced in-spur-rahy-ting) spawned from me acknowledging what has always been the catalyst of my writing: inspiration. That day in first grade, the beauty of fall fueled my writing. It gave me the words and the drive to make the people read and feel why I loved fall. It gave me my calling. I have since been able to find inspiration in so many things that I can no longer say that one particular thing inspires me. Everything does. Everyday that I am alive, I find something that drives me to write because life within itself is my inspiration.

This blog will introduce you to everything that makes me me: my thoughts, my ideas, my philosophies, my passions, my relationships with people and even my vulnerabilities. I can assure you that any question you have ever had about me will be answered and if it hasn’t, ask it!

So I urge anyone reading this to stick around and share this movement. Sharing this blog is honestly more important to me than anything because there could be someone out there who needs to see this, regardless of whether or not you personally choose to follow this blog. The sooner people realize they are not alone is their journey, the better. Life is a much more trying journey when you travel it alone.

I think it’s about time we all started inspiring one another. Don’t you?