My Story

Writing has always been my therapy. The words I did not have the courage to say out loud always managed to flow with confidence onto the lines of my notebook. Writing allowed me not only to get things off of my chest but also to get things out of my mind. I write everything from journal entries to poetry to fictional stories. I discovered my love for writing and it healed me. Due to this, however, my writing was sacred.

For a long time, I kept my writing (and all the thoughts I shared within it) very secretive. I believed my thoughts were mine alone and no one else needed to know them. Journals and notebooks detached me from dealing with a lot of issues head on and allowed me a passive form of escape. I remember being upset when people did certain things but instead of telling them, I would write all the things I wanted to say to them down whenever I could. I rarely spoke to anyone about my feelings or what I thought about things. I was content with feeling strongly about something, keeping it to myself and then waiting to write it down in my journal.

Thankfully, things changed. After I went to college, my classes and coursework began to force me to get into the habit of speaking my mind more often. Eventually, I got the hang of it and began to gain more confidence. Leadership came naturally to me, so I began to put myself at the forefront of a lot of things.

Even with this, I still found sharing my writing harder than speaking and presenting my ideas. I had a ton of writing that I had written over the span of years and I had shared with no one. It was not until 2013, after meeting my current fiancee, that I finally began showing all my work to someone. He had a similar vulnerability in sharing his artwork and we had developed a habit of showing each other our work. He thought my thoughts and ideas were really good and that it was criminal I didn’t share my thoughts more. I’d thought the same about his art. So we both pushed ourselves to stop hiding and put our work out there and thus this blog began.

So I write now about my current life and the things that I am facing as a young adult. I am now more confident with my writing and just living life in general. From time to time, I share important parts of my past but I am certainly more fixated and excited about the future. So, yeah, here I am!

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