The Flight That Started It All

Original post on my school blog

I was going through my old photos and managed to find this picture. This is a picture I took one year ago from the plane as I flew out of Philadelphia International Airport and into my new life in Texas.

I remembered what this day represented. It was the day I decided to stop existing and start living. I had no idea what was for me in Texas. All I knew was that I had a boyfriend who had taken that leap of faith with me and was waiting for my plane to land so we could start a new chapter together and that was all I needed; I needed someone to be fearless with once God gave me that, I had no excuses.

On this day, I was calm. Though I had never flown a plane by myself before and though I was moving out on my own half a country, I felt as high as the clouds I would soon be flying above. I was choosing myself for the first time in my life and there was nothing about that to me that felt anything but tranquil.

Over a year later, I am happy to say that I am taking the next step in choosing myself by pursuing an online master’s degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. Already, in only the course of a month, my journey has become clearer due to my first class, Mastery – Personal Development & Leadership with Professor Elena Rogalle. The things that I have learned in this course have put into perspective for me who I want to be not only in my professional life, but my personal one as well.

If this past year has taught me anything, it is that choosing yourself and your growth is the only way that makes sense; more than money, more than friends, more than anything. Though I am only 24, I plan to continue using these years to be fearless and meet people who share that desire with me. My hope is for everyone to take that plane ride, whether physical or metaphorical, to becoming the person they want to be.

I hope you were able to get something out of this post. I wish you all the best and am excited to share more with you along my journey towards mastery.

Yours truly,

Mercedes Evans

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