Full Sail University!


On July 6, 2015, I will be beginning my graduate education online via Full Sail University. This decision came after much deliberation but I am excited to say I am taking the next step in pursuing my passion for writing. I took some time out to write this blog and answer the questions I have been getting from friends and family alike so here goes:

What will I be studying?

  • I will be going for my MFA in Creative Writing with a focus in Entertainment.

More about this program:

  • It is an accelerated 1-year program
  • Some of my coursework will include Character Creation & Development, Episodic & Serial Writing, Film Screenwriting, Writing for Games, Storytelling & Storyboarding for Animation, Editing for Film, Game & Animation Scripts, etc.

What jobs can I go into?

  • Script Editor
  • Writer/Producer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Program Writer

Why online?

  • The main campus is in Florida
  • Online MFA comes equip with a MacBook Pro as well as al downloadable software needed to complete the coursework. I get to keep the computer upon completion of the program.
  • I have the freedom to complete coursework in a comfortable environment of my choice.

These are just a few questions I have been asked. If you have any more, feel free to ask! It gets pretty hard to keep everyone up to date individually so I am trying the best I can. Love you all!

2 thoughts on “Full Sail University!

  1. Sounds exciting for you and Shamus. It will put you both into the entertainment field! Good Luck!

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