How I Became a Minimalist

In an earlier blog, I mentioned briefly how I became a minimalist during my month of unemployment. Of course during that time, I had a lot of free time to explore new concepts and ideas that I thought would be very influential to my life. During this time, I had made a clear decision that I wanted to start a blog so I started researching other blogs and finding ones that spoke to me. Not too long afterward, I came across a blog written by two guys (Joshua Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus) who quit their jobs as corporate executives and adopted the lifestyle of minimalism. This essentially included removing everything from their lives that was not a necessity. (To learn more about them, check out their website:

Now I am not one to do something simply because it looks cool or it is the latest trend, however this practice spoke to me. I looked around my small yet cluttered room and began to count the amount of things just within eye sight that I did not need but simply wanted. Most of these things were either decorative items or things that I had bought at one point in time simply in the event that I might need them.

So I slowly but surely began to box up all the things that I did not use, wear or, essentially, need. By the end of the week, my room looked like I was moving out. I began to feel a bunch of things. Aside from feeling exhausted, I weirdly felt liberated. There is just something about looking around and seeing only the things that you need.  It became easier to get things done in my room and I even discovered that I had space in my room that I never knew I had. I began to acknowledge how much minimalism was just one giant metaphor. See, you’re space or your home is symbolic of your mind. Once you clear out all the unnecessary clutter, it becomes easier to focus on the things you need and you essentially become better at doing the things that need to be done. It was like this huge breakthrough for me!

Becoming a minimalist also began to affect me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. Like, for one, I became a better shopper. I started buying only the things that I needed, mostly out of fear that I would only create more clutter in my room which would pretty much defeat the purpose.

Now let me just say that being a minimalist in no means means that everything will look clean and pristine (at least not for me anyway). In fact, there have been plenty of days when my room has looked a hot mess (for lack of a better expression) simply because I don’t put things back where they need to be. But I will say that the clean up is a lot faster and effective now that I know where everything is.

There are still things that I am learning and trying to adjust to as a minimalist. For one, I still am in debate about what lotions to toss (Bath & Body Works gets me every time) and what hair products to keep and what clothes, shoes and accessories to keep, which wounds like a lot but it is a process for some (I’m assuming most girls lol)

So, when it is all said and done, I wrote this blog entry to not only tell you about my recent lifestyle adjustment but also to inspire you in this new year to find something that adds more structure to your life. Making changes to your life can be a  great thing particularly if you are wanting to take the necessary steps to becoming a better you. For me, it was minimalism. What will your change be?

(If you are interested in learning more about “The Minimalists”, these guys will tell you all you need to know and more. They are not the only minimalist bloggers out there just the ones I found the most interesting.  Oh and before you get alarmed by the length, it is TOTALLY worth the watch).

3 thoughts on “How I Became a Minimalist

  1. Great entry! This year I am embracing the “Gym Rat” lifestyle. So far So good, taking it easy so I don’t hurt myself or get traumatized.

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